Director Message



I am Pleased to welcome you to Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd. an Immigration and overseas education who are committed for the welfare of students and professionals. Today, career goals are very important for a Professional who wish to migrate in an increasingly competitive world. Now a day overseas countries provides enormous opportunities in niche areas for building a career of high reputation and The quality of life. "We, the Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd., work as market facilitators who enable professionals to seek quality life and a successful career abroad. We are just a medium for people to achieve goals and all our efforts are aimed to make sure that we show them the right path. We are nothing but a final push for people to achieve their true destiny" of settling abroad.

Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd. stand apart as a reliable partner in your endeavour to fulfil your dreams, to help you pass through your difficulties and to extend an unconditional support for your sincere effort to succeed in this highly competitive world. On behalf of Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd.

I take this opportunity to offer you the best of service and career guidance as you look ahead in life for voluntary immigration and professional studies at an overseas destination, I and my team will assist you in every possible aspect and ensure that from the time you visit our office till you land in a country of choice for your Permanent Residency / education you are provided with all assistance that you require, enabling smooth and hassle-free process for you. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our group.


At Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd. we have built up a system flexible enough to cater to your needs and choices. We have well qualified staff who are well equipped to cater and nurture any needs and solve any difficulties. Our Overseas Offices both in Canada and Australia will provide you with all the post landing service from procuring Social Insurance Number (SIN) to PR Card. We have various strategic alliance with different organization and agencies which will assist you to get a Job after you land in Canada / Australia. I assure you that at Black Stone Education & Immigration Pvt. Ltd. will join hand to achieve your personal and professional goals and provide the best solution with the minimum cost and time. Our professional approach towards your requirements helps you realize your goal without stress and tension. I assure that at Impel, whatever your personal goals are, you will be able to find customized solutions which match your dreams and goals in accomplishing a great qualification, career and life ahead.

Harvinder Kaur